Pilgrimage Excursion to the Trade of Ptolemaida - Ag. Minas & Ag. Σοφίας

Sunday 17.07.2022
Departure in the morning from the KTEL area. After the necessary stops we reach the Ptolemaida Trade. There, among the few surviving Macedonian houses of refugees from Pontus & Asia Minor, we will visit the Temple of Agios Minas, patron and protector of the village, in the courtyard of which we will admire the faithful copy of the Galata Tower in Constantinople, as well as chapel of St. Anastasia of Farmokolytra. Through ornate underground passages with mosaics and after we worship in the chapel of Ag. Theodosia we will pass to the Church of St. Sophia, an exact copy of the Temple of the God Sophia (Hagia Sophia) of Constantinople! At noon we will have lunch in the square of Empori and then we will enjoy our coffee in the coolness of Kastanodasos outside the village. Then we depart for our city where we arrive late in the afternoon after the necessary stop for a walk full of beautiful impressions.


Price per person 20 euros