Panagia Damasta - Monastery of Saint Luke - Livadia

Sunday 15.11.2020

Departure at 07:00 in the morning from the KTEL area. First short stop in Lamia for our morning coffee. We continue to the Holy Monastery of Panagia Damasta. There are many versions about the origin of her name, but the most prevalent is that it comes from the "tame" that it tames the pain and passions. Then we depart for the Holy Monastery of Saint Luke of Steriotis. The monastery with the two large churches (the church of Panagia and the Katholikon), the Crypt, the bell tower, the cells and the other buildings, dedicated to the miraculous local saint, soon acquired a unique radiance and this is because his art form is considered standard. for the Byzantine monuments of the 11th century throughout Greece. After half an hour drive we arrive in Livadia, with the picturesque neighborhoods and the neoclassical buildings that often catch our eye, while its noisy market is what you need for nonsense in the shop windows! Free time for food. Then we leave for our city with the best impressions. Arrival in Volos in the evening !!!