Departure at 6:45 am by bus and at 07:00 from N. Aghialos (Agios Georgios Church) to Parnassos, making a first stop outside Lamia. A second stop at "Chani of Gravia", the place where one of the most glorious pages of the Greek Revolution unfolds, is located in the town of Gravia, opposite the church of St. Athanasius. Today's building is imitated by the then construction, which was brick and collapsed. Hani of Gravia is open to visitors and has a museum in its premises. Then we head to the Parnassus ski resort. After a stay in the ski resort, where everyone who wants to ski and the rest can enjoy a hot coffee, we will depart to eat out of Arachova, in the village of Zenomen. After lunch we will go to the town of Arahova for strolling and coffee. After our afternoon coffee we take the way back to Volos where we will arrive late at night!