Kastoria is a city of Macedonia, the seat of the municipality of Kastoria and the capital of Regional Unity of Kastoria in western Macedonia. The actual population of the city is 13,387 inhabitants, according to the 2011 census. [2] It is built on a peninsula of Lake Orestiada, at an altitude of 703 m above sea level, between the Vitsi and Grammos mountains. It is surrounded by its lake and is connected to the land through a wider strip of land from embankments, giving the impression of an island.
It's a small town, you do not need many days to get to know it. At the same time, however, as many days as you have at your disposal, it will not be enough to "enjoy" the wonderful natural landscape that has been generously given to her! This beautiful corner of western Macedonia is a destination of all time, as its absolute trademark, the lake with the official name Orestiada, gives it every season a special color and atmosphere that captivates you from the very first moment.
The lakeIndulge in ... its absolute zen character and enjoy the lap of the lake, a marvelous 7 km journey! Even though you can do it by car, we suggest you - letting you allow it - to dare it on a bike (you can rent) or even on foot to experience it to the fullest! Integrated into the Natura 2000 network and Natural Beauty Monument, the lake is one of the most beautiful in the Balkans, and the narrow lakeside road, between beech trees and plane trees, looks almost odorless next to the calm waters. An equally interesting alternative is to take the big round (about 30 km) to discover it in all its grandeur!
The Cave of the DragonBeginning the small lap of the lake from the south beach, take a first stop at the Cave of the Dragon - one of the most interesting all over Europe - which is "hidden" on the lakeside road just 4 km. from the centre! Its unobtrusive beauty makes it feel and on a 300m walk. your eyes will captivate the rich decoration with stalactites, stalagmites and lakes. Daily & Holidays 09: 00-17: 00, Ticket € 6
The Monastery of Panagia MavriotissaAfter the Cave is a visit to the Monastery of Panagia Mavriotissa, built in 1802, next to the lake. The elaborate frescoes of the katholikon as well as those on the outside, depicting the emperors of Byzantium, can only gain your admiration.
Folklore Museum
Spend a little of your time on a ... cultural tour of the city's museums. Start with the Macedonian Struggle Museum in Doltsos with a rich collection of exhibits for Greek - and especially Macedonian - history. Daily except Mon 09: 30-14: 00, Ticket € 2 (Pheheon 2, tel. 24670 21144). Continue with the Folklore Museum, which is housed in the Nerantzis Aivazi mansion in the same neighborhood and is a lively "vault", which gives us a representative picture of how the houses of the time were. Tue-Sat. 10: 00-17: 00 & Sun 11: 00-17: 00, Ticket € 2

Museum of Macedonian StruggleGo through the Costume Museum, which is hosted at the Emmanouil brothers' mansion with a large array of female and male costumes of Kastoria and the wider region. Sundays and Holidays 11: 00-13: 00 (13 Byzantium, tel. 24670 28603), as well as the Delignanio Folklore Museum, with objects of everyday life of the Kastorians of the past decades or centuries. Sat / Sun 11.00-13.00 (tel. 24670 28155). The last and nonexclusive Byzantine Museum in Dexamenis Square with one of the largest and most remarkable Greek collections of Byzantine and post-Byzantine icons. Daily except Mon. 08:30 -15: 30, ticket € 2
The aquariumOf the must see of Kastoria is the Aquarium at the entrance of the city. It is the largest of the Balkans and is housed in a building of 450 square meters. with the Environmental Education Center. In its reservoirs there is an interesting variety of fish and other aquatic species that live in the lakes and rivers of our country and the wider Balkan region. It is at the same time an "oasis" of knowledge and environmental awareness about these issues. Daily except Mondays & Sundays 09: 00-17: 00

The lakeside settlement of DispilioJust 4 km. out of Kastoria, the lakeside settlement of Dispilio is a must visit for every visitor since it is the first outdoor ecosystem of Greece, which faithfully represents a set of houses and gives us characteristic pictures from the life of our ancestors 7,500 years ago! The journey in time begins from the Neolithic Age when the lake and the fertile area around it became the perfect place to create a settlement! The earliest findings came to light in the 1930s, as the lake level fell and the tops of hundreds of piles - a sign of the prehistoric residential complex - reappeared. Since then, at the beginning with timid steps and then more systematically, the excavations (which are in progress) have revealed an enormous archaeological site, and today 8 huts at all stages of construction hide within the various tools and household items and become live witnesses of life at 5,500 BC! Daily (and public holidays) 09: 00-17: 00, € 4 ticket with free guided tour to the settlement and entrance to the workshop of archaeologists, which has a working visit: daily except Mondays 08: 30-15: 00
Best time to visit
Prefer to visit the most beautiful city of Western Macedonia in the spring. It is the time when you see the city being filled with migratory birds, pelicans, herons, cormorants and more. If you visit the city in the summer (July was our visit) make sure to have a briefcase for your cool nights.
The climate of the prefecture is continental, while leaning at the same time as the European Union. Generally, the average monthly temperature exceeds 20 ° C only from June to September. Winter is harsh and frequent is the phenomenon of total frost, keeping temperature throughout the day at zero. Absolutely minimal temperatures are lower than 20 ° C and often the lake and the rivers are freezing. The ruggedness of the winter intensifies the fierce local winds as well as those who descend from the snowy mountains. In the summer the temperature is often more than 40 ° C. OR
Know before visiting
A lakeside area worth seeing at a time when it is full of migratory birds. Have your binoculars and camera with you! Take a walk in the lake next to the dense planes and reeds, see the unique Katsorian boats, the fish, talk to the fishermen where they will be happy to talk to you about the way they fish and the difficulties they face. Browse Doltsos, Kastoria's largest mansion, where you will think you are traveling back in time.